August 10, 2007

Welcome!  Come on in and visit awhile.

This blog is my first attempt at blogging. The other day I was presented with the chance to start a blog of my own. OK, pick a subject and a name…hmmm. I couldn’t decide on just one subject, and so decided to go with many subjects that I think about briefly through out my busy day.

* * *

A little about me

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. My husband calls me soccer mom. I call me “the taxi mom.” So, you see I have very little time to myself, except when the car is without passengers.

I think its great that I get the chance to be “The Taxi Mom!”

Have a great day!

* * *

Happy Birthday Brief Remarks

Wow, it almost got away from me, I almost forgot my blogs 3rd birthday, August 10, 2010!

Here is Brief Remarks birthday tree

I got so busy with life and getting everyone ready for a new school year including myself, that this month has been a bit of a blur. Many kids in and out, run here, run there, and don’t forget this or that. Oops… I must remember… not to forget anything…lol

Ya right!

I would like to take a moment (all I have at this moment) and genuinly say “THANK YOU” everyone for all your kind words (comments)!

Everyone, have a great day!


* * *