April Snow Showers…

“April showers bring May flowers”, but it keeps snowing! Well, I guess that saying doesn’t say what kind of showers bring the May flowers. But, the snow showers sure make it difficult to get the flowers started, or even the garden ready for that matter.

It’s our first year with our new big yard. Last weekend we trimmed a tree and raked a bit, then went to the hardware store and purchased a new shovel, hoe, pruners, garden gloves, rakes and a long handled lopper. Yep, it was warm and smelled of spring as the trees in the new big yard were beginning to show signs of buds and new growth. My mind was getting all fired up with ideas for flower gardens and what to put where. Then in one night it snowed over a foot of snow and the snow shovels had to come back out for much needed use, and the kids got another snow day.

Today warmed up to 50 degrees and the birds are out and about again. I hope the next shower is just rain and I can soon begin to use my new dirt shovel and begin to plant flowers!


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