It Seems To Be My Month For Critters!

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees

It seems to be my month for critters! :)   First the extra large dragonfly that insisted landing on me, for about five minutes.

Then the next week my youngest reports she needs to find either a toad, a snapping turtle or a tree frog for her school science class. I tell her I am not going to the lake to find a snapping turtle (ouch), and I haven’t seen the toad yet this year (we had one living in the front garden last year). She pipes up “what about a tree frog?”, and I tell her “I saw one the other day, but have not seen him since”.

After she goes to bed I open the front door and there he was…just sitting there on the door step, I almost stepped on him…A Tree Frog! I managed to get a hold of this tree frog and find the bug catcher container in the garage, and with a bit of a struggle and some hopping I managed to get him in.

Off to school they went the next morning, and I must say at least one of them had a very big smile on their face.

The other day a doe and her fawn walked by through the yard. Over the weekend my youngest and I were out in the back yard and watched three gray squirrels playing. I took some pictures but you can hardly make them out.

A couple days ago I noticed the sunflowers were blooming, so I ran in and grabbed the camera to take a picture. I get all set to take the picture and suddenly a large bumble bee shows up…not camera shy.

So, I take a picture, then another bumble bee shows up. Wow! I get in there close, the flowers are swaying with the wind and then the bees decide to get on the same flower…cool…two in one shot! Gee I wonder whats next?

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