Vegetable Garden

Well the vegetable garden is still going, but is coming to it’s seasonal end. I’m still getting about a quart to a quart and half of green beans every two to three days. Fresh out of the garden green beans are the absolute best!

The tomatoes have slowed down a lot, their taking forever to turn red. So, I’ve been picking them while still on the green side and putting them in a cardboard box to ripen, as was suggested to me. It really seems to be working…they are turning red.

The zucchini has stopped producing :(   I love zucchini! We made about eight loaves of zucchini bread and froze three for later enjoyment. Also, I like to add zucchini to my spaghetti sauce so I diced and froze some for later use.

I plan to plant a little earlier next year, weather permitting.

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