April Showers Bring May Flowers

It is the end of April and we finally received a few showers, but I think we might need a few more to really see the flowers. It has been an unusually warmer and drier than normal spring, we really could use a bit more rain. I have been watching for my tulips to emerge and blossom, and found that I am not the only one watching. It looks like the squirrels or rabbits have been watching and waiting, also.

I have already taken the watering hose out of it’s winter storage to water my raspberries plants that I planted last year, out of fear that they were getting a bit too dry. Gee, the birds sure liked that sprinkler. They looked like little children out playing in the water on a hot summer day. I hope the birds remember me when the raspberry plants produce those big red juicy berries, and leave me some.

All in all everything is very slowly budding and turning shades of green again, which is much better than shoveling piles of that white stuff, yes I mean snow. I am just itching to get outside and begin planting our vegetable garden for the year. It is my hope to begin planting as early as possible this year.

Happy Spring!

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