Memorial Day 2010

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of
religion. It is the VETERAN, not the…

Happy Birthday May 28 2010

It is May 28th and my Aunt’s Birthday today!

If this happens to be your Birthday also, Happy Birthday to you too!

Maybe you know someone who is celebrating a birthday, then I have a great gift idea

Full Moon May 27th 2010

I stepped outside last night to listen to the lively frogs and noticed the night sky was quite bright with what appeared to be a full moon. So, I searched and found…

With Rain Brings Growth of Grass

Rain, rain, much needed rain we got and now much needed mowing to do! Yes, we are back to that cycle of rain, sun then mow as you swat…

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Send a unique birthday gift that’s sure to please!

Preparing Vegetable Garden For Planting

Going outside to prepare the garden for planting vegetables. Plan to plant green beans again this year, because they did very well in the spot they were planted. Also planning on planting zucchini, which is great for bread making and eating raw. Haven’t quite decided what else to plant yet. Maybe cucumber…

Kite Caught By Tree

Yes, it is breezy enough for kite flying today. The youngest decided to fly the kite but the wind decided to take it up when she wasn’t ready and…

Beautiful Spring Weather

The weather has warmed, all is green again, the birds are singing by day, and the frogs are croaking by night…what a life! It was all I could do the other day, just sit their outside in my lawn chair, short sleeve tee, warm and comfortable and think….

It Seems To Be My Month For Critters!

First the extra large dragonfly insists on landing on me, for about five minutes he flew around me attempting to land. So, I stopped walking and stood still and just waited a few seconds when he landed right on my arm. He was amazingly large, I have never before seen one quite that big. I told my daughter “quick…

High School Band Concert

Went to the high school band concert tonight and they were great! It has been a good year for them, with several….