Where and When Did Badminton Originate

I was thinking about the game Badminton and began to wonder when and where the game originated. Yes, one of those brief thoughts as I was putting away the groceries.

June 13, 2010 Brief Quote

Quotable Women

A woman’s life can really be
a succession of lives,
each revolving around
some emotionally compelling situation
or challenge,
and each marked off
by some intense experience.

Wallis, Duchess Of Windsor

Cordless Vacuum?

Hey guys,

I’ve heard from a friend who saw a commercial on TV about a cordless vacuum. I’m not sure of the name, but if I see the commercial [[Or if anyone else knows, speak up]] I’ll let you know.(:

My thoughts on a cordless vacuum were: Why hasn’t anyone come up with this before? I mean [...]

New Family Yard Game

Well I finally did find a badminton game set for the yard!

The badminton set came with net and poles, four badminton rackets with cushioned handles, three shuttles cocks and a zip up carrying case. I also picked up two…

Help The USO Bring a Touch of Home to Our Troops

Sponsored by: USO

Our troops make sacrifices that most of us can hardly imagine. They leave behind their friends and family and put their lives on the line every day.


I received this in a email today and I strongly felt that I needed to share this right away. Please, do feel free [...]

Gulf Oil Pictures

I turn on the news and they talk, talk, talk and show under water pictures of the oil spewing from the earth into the ocean. They call it a oil spill? They call it an accident? The price of gas drops?

I do not see them showing many pictures of the results of this oil tragedy, so here is a link all should see.


5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Yummmy…take a look at this personal chocolate cake recipe.

Someone sent this to me in a email, and we have tried this. It is quick and simple to make and is big enough to…

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower and More

Many use powered yard tools to take care of the lawn and gardens, and now there are alternatives to the old true and tried gas powered tools. Yes, you guessed it…

Research Vaccine before Vaccination

It was about two years ago I took one of my daughters to the doctors for a physical so she could participate in a sport at school. They checked her records and saw…

Print June 2010 Calendar Page

It’s June all ready?!  Wow, time to print another free calendar page again, I really like that I can just click and print a printable calendar one month at a time or more if  needed. Also, I need to print August 2010 for the family activity calendar to post reminders that are already coming in.

Have [...]