Aspartame with a New Name

The more facts we have, the more informed decisions we are able to make for ourselves and our families. My family has learned to read the labels and investigate the truth about what is listed. You will want to read this Aspartame update.
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Happy Birthday Brief Remarks

Wow, it almost got away from me, I almost forgot my blogs 3rd birthday, August 10, 2010!

Here is Brief Remarks birthday tree

I got so busy with life and getting everyone ready for a new school year including myself, that this month has been a bit of a blur. Many kids in and out, run here, run there, and don’t forget this or that. Oops… I must remember… not to forget anything…lol

228 Million Eggs Recalled

On August 13, 2010 a statement was released by officials of Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa, announcing a nationwide voluntary recall of specific Julian dates of shell eggs produced by their farms because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.