Sky Blue Nation

This new website is pretty cool…blue cool to be precise. At Sky Blue Nation you can use beautiful sky pictures as your background and walllpaper photos for free. You can change and update your look as often as you like. I find it very interesting how the tones and hues of blue change from day [...]

To the Class of 2011

I was reading my email and browsing the DOE website, which I find quite interesting. There is a lot going on that I just do not hear about on the television news regarding our Department of Energy’s progress moving forward with new and innovative plans and ideas for renewable energy.

I followed links around for a [...]

Autumn’s Surprise

Autumn's Surprise

Autumn leaves changing hues,

after paying Summers dues.

Autumn trees surprised to see,

Winters flakes upon their leaves.

Teresa Nichols

October 10, 2009

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