Stuck on You

Stuck on me? Stuck on you! I am working on a pins collection. I haven’t gotten very far at all, but I am confident to find cute, and unique pins!

So far I have a pin that says ‘Courage’, a festive Christmas tree,  a pin that has two candy canes crossed and on top of each other, like an X, and a smiley face pin! It’s just the classic smiley face, but i loved it the moment i saw it, and just had to have it!

Also, after I have collected quite a few pins, I have decided that I shall sew up a jean bag, or something of the sort. Something that wouldn’t clash with the pins. Once I have made the bag, I wanted to stick all of the pins on there, and, Wall-la! I would have a festive bag, and I would have a considerably large pin collection!

If you have any ideas on where to find cute and unique pins, please comment! Thank you for taking the time to read this ^-^

PurpleSmileyFace :]

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