Bulletin Board

I have another project, along with collecting pins. A bulletin board!

My mom and I went to a fabric store to find fabric for the back round, and also found some cute buttons. The fabric is ivory in the back round with little purple flowers all over the place. There are shell buttons and heart buttons with another heart dangling down from it (purple ^-^), and there are regular, classic buttons (ivory).

My friend and I decorated the bulletin board yesterday, and later my sister and I put our pins, pictures, and such onto it.  Today we shall hang the bulletin board up somewhere in our bedroom…we need to clear a space on the wall.

Also, I have more pins! I found a pin this morning under my bed. It says ‘Braums is better!’. Braums is a type of ice cream, and, I think its delicious ^-^ Another pin I found under my bed is a smiley face pin. On the outer edge of the pin there is a border that is colorful. In the middle, there is a smiley face, and the back round is orange. Its cute ;D

PurpleSmileyFace :]

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