Friendly DragonFly Ring

It was a beautiful summer day to make a new friend. The sun was shining warmly with just the subtlest touch of a breeze. A few white wispy clouds were streaking the sky. With my camera in hand I set out to take a few pictures of the awe of this summer day.

Suddenly I saw a dragonfly zip by and I called out, “Hello there!” Just then he circled back around and landed on the front of my shorts. Just as I was trying to figure out how I was going to take a picture at this angle my daughter walked out the door. I quietly summoned her over to take the picture before the dragonfly made his move, which he did and flew onto the side of the house. This was a much better angle for picture taking, we got two clear shots.

The dragonfly took flight around the corner and I followed. There he was sitting atop a plant and I slowly put my finger out in front of him as I greeted him again. He willingly stepped onto the tip of my finger as my daughter took some pictures. We did this several times and I told my daughter, “Look, he lifts his head up just before he takes flight.”

I saw the dragonfly move his head in an upward motion just before he lifted off again and then landed on my hand. I said, “Look I am wearing a dragonfly ring.” My daughter giggled and said as she focused in for a picture, “People won’t believe this; they will think it is photo shopped!” I quickly replied, “But we know it is real and it did happen.” She happily agreed.

Friendly DragonFly Ring

Have a great day!


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