The Field Trip

Teresa Nichols

Journal Assignment 06

September 20, 2010

The Field Trip

I’m not sure who enjoyed the field trip more. It was my daughters third grade class’s field trip to OMSI a.k.a. Oregon Museum of Science Institute. I was remembering what a great time I had there when my class took this field trip as I sighed up to be a chaperon for my daughter’s class trip next week.

Oh, what a great fun filled day today will be! Off to school with my daughter, Mandy, with our lunch sacks in hand. We walked into a classroom full of children bright eyed and bushy-tailed ready for their big trip, and a few adults looking at each other like, what have we gotten ourselves into now. Then the teacher spoke and all calmed down. She handed everyone a name tag and the parent’s sheets with the required information and list of students in their group.

I sat on the noisy, crowded school bus with my group of five children. The closer we got to our destination, the higher the excitement level rose. If only we could figure out how to bottle the explosive energy of a bus load of excited eight year olds and use it to power the bus. Maybe I should mention it to someone at OMSI; it is the museum of science. There would be more field trips like this with less cost and everyone would win.

“OK everybody, off the bus.” said the bus driver as he swung the door open. Everyone piled out and went into the museum, groups were reformed, heads were counted again, and we were instructed to return here to go to the lunch room at 11:30. I looked down at the five smiling faces looking back at me. I said, “Let’s go see what we can see and do what we can do!” “Follow me!”

Our first stop was a big long room with lots of water. There were water tanks of all dimensions; deep, shallow, wide and narrow. Some tanks tipped back and forth to simulate waves; some had water flowing in and out of them. We spent a lot of time at this one tank that had a lot of pies and on/off valves and I discovered one boy in my group wanted to be a Plumber when he grew up and another wanted to be a ship captain.

Up next were lights, music and gadgets! A room full of things to tinker with, such as magnets, locks, puzzles and different gadget s. There was a real big key board on the floor that lit up and played a note when you stepped on a key. One of the girls liked this the most, she wanted to dance and play music when she grew up, and this key board allowed her to do both at the same time. Also, one of the three boys said he wanted to be an engineer and was determined to try out every exhibit in this room.

Hey, there is the local TV weather man in that little room, so cool! A mini weather station right here at the museum. We were told after the weather man finished his live report the kids could talk with him and try out giving a weather report in front of the green screen. I quickly found out that the other boy in my group really wanted to be a weather man when he grew up.

Look, there are the animals and other creepy crawly critters over there. Let’s go and see that while we wait for the weather man to finish, then we will need to meet up with the others for lunch. We went through that exhibit rather quickly and went back to talk to the weather man.

This young boy is a natural! The boy in my group was the first back in line to see the weather man. He was then invited into the mini weather room to try his hand at giving the weather report in front of the green screen and did a real good job. The weather man gave the boy a junior weather man sticker; boy did he gleam like he was on cloud nine.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. It was time to meet up for lunch, then on to the planetarium to see a show, then the school bus ride back to the school. What a great day and a great group of children. I think they had a lot of fun and I know I immensely enjoyed watching them explore and see and do all that they could see and do. I believe it is a tie as to who enjoyed the field trip more.

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